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Are You Connected to Your Inner Compass?

Many of us have a hard time connecting to our inner voice, inner wisdom, our bodies, and our emotions.  It takes practice and intention for sure!  It’s easy to get distracted by the noise of the world, society, others’ voices and expectations.  These voices can be at work, at home, from friends, family, or media. 

Maybe you’ve followed others’ decisions or life plans so closely that you lost touch of your own voice, your own ideas, decisions, and inner wisdom.  Do you trust yourself?  Or do you often feel self-doubt?  Do you make decisions based on what other people want for you or what you think they expect? or based on societal conditioning instead of your own Soul GPS, your personal inner compass?

Have you ever been driving or traveling and you feel like you’re going the wrong way…remember when your GPS started saying “recalculating” yeah…. it’s scary as fuck.  You decide to go off the main path or maybe you’re lost even!  And suddenly you’re in the middle of nowhere!  What do you do!?   

A) trust your intuition & trust yourself; explore alternate routes and what makes the most sense to get to where you know you need to go safely and efficiently 

B) wait and ask for directions   

C)  turn back around and go back to the main path; don’t risk anything, just safety here.

Which one would you choose?  Which ones have you chosen before?  

C)  is full-on giving up our power and comprising the self to fear (maybe fear of what others will think is a big one), so we turn around and go back to the main path, it’s easier, it’s familiar. usually more productive vs. creative (creative can take time, it flows in cycles, it’s not linear, it’s circular, it’s intuitive, energetic, emotional).  Many people aren’t tapped into that.  The main path is mainstream.  Mainstream isn’t always a bad option; however, if it keeps us from living authentically and living the way we really want including pursuing our true dreams and desires, then our inner compass isn’t calibrated and we’re far off course. 

B)  is victim mentality — others need to fix me, I’m waiting to be rescued; others have the solutions, not me, maybe someone else knows the way  (self-doubt)  

A)  is COURAGE, trusting the self plus using our intuition to get us to where we need to go, where our soul KNOWS we need to go even if it looks different from what others are doing or society in general; “make your own way” comes into play here; Option A is self-reliance and self-trust (which isn’t something we have to do all the time, we can rely on others too in healthy ways, but trusting ourselves and that we know what’s best for us at the core, a.k.a. innate wisdom, this is what Option A is about)  Sometimes our innate wisdom can get stifled by overly-concerned/overly-involved friends or family, maybe even co-workers.  This can also happen if you have been oppressed my a religious community. (not spiritual community, religious community) where everyone else and “God and his will” knows what’s best for you – everyone except you.  This isn’t reality.  The Universe/God/Source Energy created us with INNATE WISDOM.  INNER KNOWING.  And sometimes we are SO disconnected from it.  That’s where I come in.  It’s part of my life work.

I help people reconnect to themselves and their inner compass & inner wisdom in multiple ways.  I have Individual Energy Work Sessions, and I have Coaching Programs, as well as Online Group Courses.  If you want to check out the upcoming 3-Day Masterclass, or to see more of what I do, click the links below!