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~ Following my bliss ~

Sonya is a Visionary, Coach, and Event Creator for Adventurous Souls. Sonya is also a Modern Day Sage and Intuitive Guide. She equips and empowers her clients through reconnecting them to their inner compass, their inner wisdom, inner power, and inner voice. Sonya utilizes her skills to provide clarity, intuitive support, and vision for her clients as well.

She guides and empowers individuals to jump past their fears and take back their power, unblocking barriers to success along the way. Sonya works with clients who are ready to reach their highest potential and actively participate in the adventure of their lives. If you’re ready to up your game, 100% commit to yourself, and make the journey to your highest self, then Sonya’s coaching programs could be a great fit for you.

Sonya’s background includes: holistic health, personal growth and development, studies in psychology, evolving in her own spiritual journey, professional work experience as an Outdoor Adventure Guide & Program Leader/Facilitator; business management and working as an Event Creator & Director; entrepreneurship; and years of world travel; overseas travel programs and work opportunities, and humanitarian work with multiple non-profit organizations.

Sonya’s experiences have allowed her to work through and conquer many challenges in life.  She has experienced her own personal transformations and lifestyle changes through diving into personal growth & development and holistic health as well as travel & adventure. She has transformed her health & fitness and her career; she has created an alternative lifestyle; found healthier community and relationships; transitioned from a religious community of oppression and shame to one of spiritual freedom and bliss; continues to up-level her money mindset and financial threshold, aligning with abundance year after year; has made so many travel dreams and life goals happen including living in France and Canada and traveling around the world; visiting over 7 countries and territories and 31 states in the USA………and SO much more.  Sonya has helped countless others do the same.

Academic Credentials | Experience | Spiritual Gifts

Credentials & Experience:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport & Leisure Service Management at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Focus in Eco-Tourism, Outdoor Recreation Management; Business Administration; Health & Human Performance; & Experiential Education

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Life Coach through HCI (Health Coach Institute), accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) via the CCE Program (Continuing Coach Education).

Certified Outdoor Adventure Guide; Outdoor Leadership + Facilitating Events, Programs, and Outdoor Adventure Retreats for Personal Growth & Development

Event Producer and Manager ~ Event Creation, Programs, Planning & Production

Spiritual Gifts: Visionary & Intuitive Guide

  • Clairvoyance / Clairsentience / Claircognizance / Clairaudience
  • Vision dreams; messages from Source & Spirit Realm; clear knowing, clear seeing, precognition (future vision/future sight); prescience (foresight/foreknowledge).
  • I see events in the future through dreams and receive intuitive messages/intuitive vision
  • I see signs and symbols, and I also am very closely connected with animals and nature as forms of medicine.

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