Awaken (45-minutes)

45-Minute Intuitive
Guidance & Clarity Session
$80 USD

What’s Included:

  • 45-minutes of intuitive guidance, vision, and clarity ~ reconnecting you to your inner compass, inner wisdom, & inner knowing
  • Increasing trust in one-self; identifying your inner, authentic voice; and self-awareness
  • We focus on key areas of life where clarity and intuitive guidance is needed
  • These are focused sessions where I guide you to reconnect with yourself, your inner compass, and Source Energy.
  • As a spiritually-gifted Visionary & Intuitive, I implement my clairvoyant skills to guide the client with intuitive wisdom & strategy to work through the the area of focus.
  • If a more Advanced/In-Depth session is needed for decisions, transitions, & clarity ~ then I recommend booking the advanced, 90-minute session: Illuminate

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