“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sonya is a Visionary & Coach who utilizes her skills to provide clarity, intuitive support, and vision for her clients. She guides and empowers individuals to jump past their fears and take back their power, unblocking barriers to success along the way.

Sonya works with clients who are ready to reach their highest potential and actively participate in the adventure of their lives. If you’re ready to up your game and commit to yourself 100%, Sonya’s coaching programs could be for you.

Sonya’s approach to Coaching is based on science, intuition, mindset mastery, habit change, and adventure. Through her own personal experience, she has found that change happens when transformation meets adventure. It’s the point where the magic happens. Sonya’s key formula to unlocking our highest potential, mastering self-transformation, and manifesting our dreams:

Mindset Mastery + Habit Change + Adventure = Transformation™

Sonya acts as a guiding light, coaching and leading clients past barriers to success, empowering and equipping them, especially women, for transformation and self-awareness, which creates a more abundant life. In Sonya’s program, the client takes a very active role in their transformation — the process is very experiential and requires a client to 100 % participate. Sonya asks her clients to commit 100 % to themselves and to showing up for themselves, actively participating in each coaching session and their own transformation journey.

In Sonya’s program, the client is in control every step of the way which allows them to choose how much they are willing to invest in their life journey and their own personal growth process during the coaching program. Clients can participate in adventure experiences both outdoors and within during the coaching programs.  Exploring the unknown territory within ourselves, the limitless possibilities, and our highest potential is one of the greatest adventures we’ll ever take. We are the greatest project we could ever invest in.

Coaching is not a replacement for therapy, and instead acts as a catalyst for transformation through habit change, mindset mastery, and adventure, leading to empowered action.

Coaching helps the individual take control of their own life and shows the client their ability to achieve results and effect change in their life. Through increased self-awareness, intuition, self-confidence, and empowered action, the client will see change unfold and alchemy (transformation of energy both internally and externally). This method empowers and equips the individual with tools for success and transformation. The role of the coach is to guide, inform, support, and empower, ultimately illuminating the game-changing areas of life.

I also provide intuitive, clairvoyant support and guidance in my coaching, helping the client to shift their energy through releasing and transforming old energy stuck in the body and move forward into new ways of being. These energy shifts can create change physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It also can effect change socially, sexually, and financially (shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset). Energy shifts create new pathways in the body through the chakras, allowing energy and life to flow through where it was previously blocked due to suppressed emotions, trauma, stress, or depression (depression = denying & hiding who we are and what we really want in life). Energy is transformed (we’re energetic beings with a physical body) and we begin to experience momentum in our mind, body, and soul, and multiple areas of life.

Life Coaching is designed for anyone who is:

  • Desiring to get unstuck, to uncover limiting beliefs and old stories, and find what’s holding them back from success in any area of life
  • Seeking to take back their power and take control over their life again, increasing autonomy and independence
  • Aiming to up-level their life experience and follow their bliss through new doors of opportunity, and new travels and adventures
  • Seeking to achieve their highest potential & consciously create their life experience
  • Wanting to actively participate in the creation of their own life & see true transformation
  • Who see themselves experiencing a higher quality of life
  • Who see themselves living more intentionally, ultimately releasing yourself to achieve your highest potential & consciously create your life experience

Life Coaching can help individuals get unstuck in multiple areas of life including:

  • health & wellness (increasing health, fitness, vitality, energy, body image)
  • career changes or up-leveling current career
  • money mindsets (scarcity vs. abundance)
  • relationships & healthy communication
  • lifestyle changes & increasing quality of life
  • increasing self-awareness and emotional IQ
  • identifying & articulating our true desires
  • overcoming self-sabotage
  • fully moving forward into a new version of ourselves
  • freedom from toxic relationships and/or unhealthy decisions
  • reinventing oneself
  • life transitions
  • coming out/speaking up about our authentic self (gender, sexuality, religion or worldview, especially after leaving religious communities of oppression/shame)
  • setting boundaries
  • assertive communication
  • decision-making
  • trusting yourself & your intuition
  • greater autonomy and independence
  • raising your energetic vibration & creating personal freedom
  • stepping into alignment with your values, dreams, and purpose
  • freedom from fear, guilt, or shame
  • having new habits of well-being, joy, fun, pleasure, and love
  • increasing & consistently practicing self-care
  • experiencing higher self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence automatically

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