Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions for Balance & Momentum 

30-minutes $65 USD
60-minutes $120 USD

This essential energy work restores the Mind, Body, and Soul and allows us to:

  • restore optimal balance & bliss to our bodies & our energy centers
  • regain health & energy flow physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally
  • come back to center and regain inner peace

Choose from 3 Types of Energy Sessions:

30 minutes or 60 minutes

Energy Healing & Momentum for the Mind

Clear out old limiting beliefs and re-plant truth and authentic affirmations. We focus on releasing old programs and systems and implementing new ones.

Energy Healing & Momentum for the Body

Clear out stuck energy that’s blocking your chakras (energy centers). Restore flow & ease to the body. Release stress, tension, emotions, and allow clear energy to flow like water.

Energy Healing & Momentum for the Soul

Meditation and visualization, focus on where you’re headed and meet the future you. Gain momentum for your journey and relax into a state of balance and bliss and allow your energy to clear the path for your success.

How do Energy Sessions help?

  • They clear and ground our energy, restoring flow to the chakras for optimal balance & bliss
  • Momentum is energy in motion, and that’s want we want, is forward flow of our energy and emotions! To clear out what’s stuck in the mind, body, and soul.
  • We are energetic beings, and sometimes we get stuck in our energy centers (chakras) due to suppressed emotions or stress on the body — the big ones that keep us stuck are fear, guilt, shame, sadness, and anger. If not expressed and released, you’ll basically keep recreating the same scenarios. All the low-frequency emotions really keep us from experiencing the higher-frequency ones like joy, courage, hope, and love. Our natural state is one of balance and bliss. So that is our focus in the energy sessions.
  • In the session, I guide the client to connect with their body, emotions, and energy centers, shifting energy and mindsets along the way
  • This energy work is especially helpful in times of transition, up-leveling our mindsets & habits, and life paths, and aids us in spiritual transformation, as well as physical transformation! Our emotions and physical bodies are all connected. So when one is in balance, so is the other.

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