Adventure…. it’s defined as “a daring and exciting activity or project calling for enterprise and enthusiasm; the exploration of unknown territory.”

screenshot-2019-05-01-at-12.49.17-amWe are the greatest project we can ever work on or invest in.  When we are ready to transition, up-level our life experience, and create lasting change….it calls for an adventure.  It requires stepping out of our comfort zone and into unknown territory.

And that’s where transformation meets adventure.

The unexplored territory (a.k.a. “adventure”) we step into can be internal or external, but either way they’re interconnected.  Meaning taking an adventure within or in life gives us a mutual transformation experience.  When we experience inner change by taking an adventure within, we automatically experience external change as well.  Things automatically shift within, and change manifests externally as well.  It’s physics really. Energy and transformation are all rooted in science and based on physics. The potential energy within us is stored energy.  Once we awaken this stored energy, momentum builds (energy in motion), and it shifts the energy, leading to transformation. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed (Albert Einstein, Law of Conservation of Energy).

Both types of adventure explorations (internal and external) have benefits and create change.  When we take an external adventure into the unknown, it teaches us something, it changes us.  It builds self-confidence and autonomy and can transform our lives.   When we take an internal adventure, the results and changes are the same –personal growth, releasing old limiting beliefs, rewriting our story — all of those changes within also manifest in our external reality.  It’s all science.  Newton’s Law of Physics says “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  These 2 forces (internal and external energy, adventure, momentum, etc.) are interacting with each other constantly.

Mindset Mastery + Habit Change + Adventure = Transformation

Our physical energy state is changed by changing our mindset and mastering the self.  This leads to habit change.  The way we live and the little routines we have every day will begin to change.  When we add in adventure (stepping into the unknown and getting out of the comfort zone)….this is the final process of transformation.  We must take the adventure to change what we’re used to experiencing…what we’re familiar with…once we step out into the unknown…..we begin to get familiar with new emotions, new thoughts, new physical routines and ways of being….our energy changes…our lifestyle changes.  Everything is connected and overlaps — how we do one thing is how we do everything.  Stepping into the unknown awakens parts of ourselves we’ve denied or held back; dreams we’ve never gone for; travels we’ve never taken, and so much more.

© 2017-2019. Sonya Anglin.  All content copyrighted. 

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