“I had a call with Sonya and I’m really grateful because she helped me unblock my chakras. I’m feeling lighter and with more energy. She’s very intuitive and accurate. I love talking to her because she’s very joyful and caring. Great experience.” ~ Vicky G. (Momentum ~Energy Clearing Session)

The Empowered & Awakened Masterclass has helped me to deal with my fear. I use the techniques Sonya taught me to help me choose courage over fear. I have chosen courage instead in multiple ways already and I enjoyed the class very much 🙂 I’m registered to take Sonya’s next class. If you want to learn how to overcome your fear so you can progress in life, I highly recommend Sonya’s courses 🙂 I can’t thank her enough!” ~ Anita H.

“In the Empowered & Awakened Masterclass, I learned that I can stop making excuses and can be proactive in my life and decisions; to plan more time for myself and what I would like to achieve in my life.” ~ Michelle S.

I have learned a lot from this course, it’s inspiring and taught with love. I am starting to declutter my life, and I have learned to listen to my inner compass because of this amazing course. I have loved every minute, just amazing.” ~ Jo M. (Empowered & Awakened Masterclass)

“Already in my first session, I feel so much happiness, my heart is full, and this is exactly what I was looking for!” ~ Hilda M. (Client from The Journey, my 6-session Coaching Program)

“This course helped me reconnect with myself and reminded me to take care of my body and mind and to trust my intuition. Sonya is full of positivity which is really contagious. This experience was really interesting and full of great ideas for focusing on self-care. Sonya is passionate about her work. “ ~ Jodie D. (Empowered & Awakened Masterclass)