The Journey (6 sessions)

The Journey
6 sessions
$495 USD

After you’ve taken The Jump, you can start The Journey, or head straight for The Summit!

What’s Included in The Journey?

  • 6 weekly coaching sessions (1 hour each)
  • 1 weekly check-in over e-mail or text (1:1 coaching support)
  • Exploring how you’re showing up for yourself, and in the world
  • Guiding you to 100% commitment in and to yourself, and your life (a.k.a. upgrading and up-leveling yourself and your life)
  • Shifting old limiting beliefs and the stories you’ve been telling yourself
  • Teaching & Vision for you to shift your focus, mindset, habits, and energy so you can start conquering all the roadblocks to your success (we get to the root of what’s been holding you back)
  • Helping you intentionally create space in your life, and in yourself, for these new parts of you to rise up and shine through
  • Empowering & equipping you to rise in your personal power, and move past all those barriers to success in the process
  • 1:1 Coaching & Guidance through the 3 essentials of transformation:  Mindset Mastery + Habit Change + Adventure = Transformation™

Program Focus & Overview: reconnecting to your inner compass; finding your inner voice and inner wisdom and listening to it vs. voices in the world and society; learning to trust the self; overcoming self-doubt; letting go; moving forward past barriers to success; learning the balance in relationship between “ego” (false self/fear-based decisions) and “real self-worth” (authentic self; joy & intuitive-based decisions); making the journey to your highest self

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